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How to Process Sales Orders

Sales Order Processing

1. An order will come into the system and is confirmed by an email on Freshdesk. 

2. Check that the order has also come through to Interprise. 

3. Open the order 

4. Check that the total on Freshdesk and Interprise are the same and also that the address is the same. 

5. If the customer has paid via Credit Card/PayPal, check that you have received this payment.

6. Click on "Adv Inventory Item" to check if any parts are out of stock.  

7. If a part is out of stock, click on it to see if the stock is allocated to someone else. You may be able to allocate this stock to the order you're working on. 

8. If you are unable to fulfil an order and there is still parts out of stock. Make a note of the customer name and their order number (2021xxxxx) to send them an Out of Stock Notification later on. 

9. If the customer is an end-user, we will not part ship the order.

10. Print the order. Ensure "Header Label, La Marzocco Label and Parts Pick Label" are ticked. Ensure you print labels from the right printer (ZDesigner GK420d (Parts))

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