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Sales Morning Routine

Carrier Integration Feed 

1.    When your computer first loads up, click the Couriers shortcut (computer icon). 

2.    This will then open the Warehouse computer where the Carrier Integration feed is. 

3.    If it is not already running, open Interprise. 

4.    Log in to Interprise using the user ‘admin’ and the password ‘admin’. 

5.    Head to ‘Customer’ 

6.    Find ‘Carrier Integration Auto’  

7.    When you click on ‘Carrier Integration Auto’ this will open a separate pop-up window. 

8.    Click the ‘Auto’ button. This will then start to run the feed.  

Nuova Ricambi Stock Feed

1.    When you first open Interprise in the morning, first head to Inventory. 

2.    Under ‘Find’ double click ‘Item’. 

3.    This will bring up the whole of our stock inventory. 

4.    In the search bar at the top of this inventory, type ‘700019’ and click enter. 700019 is a product we sell that we buy from NR

5.    This will then open a separate window with all the product information.

6.    Head to the ‘Costing’ tab for this item and then the ‘Item Stock in Channel’ tab. 

7.    ‘Last Updated’ should be the same as the date on the day you are checking it.

8.    If the item is not on the same date, speak to Ryan/Ciro and they will be able to sort it! 

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