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Gail's Outstanding PO's

1.    Unfortunately, the Pronett system does not automatically get rid of orders that have been sitting there for some time! 

2.    Head to the Gail’s Outstanding PO’s spreadsheet (Company > Sales Admin > Gail’s > Gail’s Outstanding PO’s 2021) 

3.    If there are any outstanding (marked red or orange) check on Pronett if these have yet been booked in. If they have have been, mark them as green.

4.    Log the not yet booked in orders only for the week prior. If the current week we are in is 23 only log orders that were received in week 22.  

5.    Head onto the Pronett system and check what orders are showing as ‘PPO Overdue’ 

6.    Copy either the Pronett order number or the ES order number into Interprise to see if the order has yet been shipped.  If it has, check the invoice date to check when it was shipped. 

7.    If it was shipped during the week in question, log it on the spreadsheet.  

8.    Once you have logged all the outstanding orders for that week, reach out to each store individually using the ‘Pronett Book In’ canned response.  

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