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Water Filter Recycling Scheme

Along with European Watercare (one of our partners), we offer a water filter recycling scheme.  

We regularly get customers emailing in asking if they can recycle their water filters through us. We accept all types of filters whether they are from a home user or a commercial user.  

On Freshdesk there is a ‘water filter recycling scheme’ canned response so when you have an enquiry about whether we can accept the filters or asking for more information, you can send that rather than having to type out a whole email! 

There is a certain type of filter that needs to be logged when it comes back into the warehouse, the CTU’s. This is because we get these at a special rate.  When these come back, the warehouse will log who has sent them back, the size and how many. The sheet is then collected by the sales admin to log on a spreadsheet (Company (S:) > Sales Admins > CTU Log's > CTU Tracking 2021) 

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