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Nizatto Orders (Coffee Merch/Hippity)

Coffee Merch

An order may come into Interprise for ‘Nizatto Digital’. If the PO number starts with CM, this is a Coffee Merch order.  These orders need to be changed as the stock comes from a ‘different’ warehouse.

1.    Double click on the order to open it up.  

2.    Change the warehouse code on each item from ‘Espresso Solutions’ to ‘Coffee Merch’.  

3.    Check if the order is less than £100 in subtotal, shipping fees will need to be added if so. 

4.    If the shipping method is Royal Mail, the freight cost will be £4.50.  

5.    If the shipping method is DHL/DPD, the freight cost will need to be £6.50. 

Hippity Orders 

Nizatto will regularly send in orders for Hippity. We manage the logistics for Hippity including shipping orders on behalf of them and also holding their stock here in our warehouse. 

Nizatto will send through PDF's of the Hippity order confirmations. These need to be printed and handed to the warehouse team. They will deal with the next steps after this! 

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