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Fellow Warranties

1.    A customer emails in explaining that they have a problem with a Fellow item purchased from us. 

2.    Send the following link ( across to the customer asking them to include a proof of purchase clearly showing the date purchased and images/videos of the fault. 

3.    Once the warranty ticket has been received, cross-reference the fault mentioned with the troubleshooting guide from Fellow. It may be that the customer can fix the issue at home. 

4.    If the issue is unable to be fixed by the customer, then use the email template ‘Warranty – Return Address’. It is always the customer's responsibility to send the item back to us unless the item is faulty out of the box. 

5.    Once the item has been received back, it will need to be reviewed. These are reviewed every Thursday.  

6.    When testing the item, cross-check the advice given by Fellow from the troubleshooting guide (Company(S:) > Warranties > Fellow Warranties > International Warranty Troubleshooting)  Only replace the parts that are faulty. 

7.    Head to the following link (  to log the warranty claim including pictures/videos of the fault so we can get credit from Fellow.  Fellow should review the spreadsheet every Friday.  

8.    Reach out to the customer explaining that the issue is resolved and get them to confirm the address to send the item back to.

9. Once they have confirmed the address, we will need to mark the old unit as defective and raise a new order for a new unit.  Find the invoice for the old unit.  Credit this onto their account, it doesn't matter if they pay upfront.  

10. Head to Big Commerce and raise a new order through the backend of this system.  

11. The PO number will always be "Warranty | (Warranty Claim Number)" 

11.    Arrange the shipment of the item.

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