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Front End Service and Boiler Inspections

1.    A front end service should be done every 6 months and a boiler inspection every year. The boiler inspection is a legal requirement. 

2.    Taking a look at the Service Log, you can work out when a customer needs a service/boiler inspection, or the customer may reach out to organise it. Front end services and boiler inspections are always chargeable. (Price lists for the engineers can be found here: Company (S:) > Service > Price Lists) We always charge the engineers price plus 10% rounded to the next 10. 

3.    When you have decided on an engineer, reach out to them with all the details e.g., machine model, grinder model and water filtration needing to be serviced, asking for their availability. 

4.    Once the availability has been confirmed, confirm this with the customer and ensure that payment has been made or is part of a service plan that has been finalised. 

5. When the work has been complete and you have received the invoice from the engineer, log this onto the Service Log spreadsheet (Company (S:) > Service > Service Log)

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