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How do I update my Pearl S firmware?

This is a support article to assist you with updating your Pearl S scales firmware.

To check the current firmware of your scale, enter the "Acaia Updater" app and connect with your scale. You will know the scale is connected to the app as the app will show a live display of the weight currently applied on the scale. After you have selected and connected with your scale via Bluetooth, the app will tell you the current firmware.

  1. The app will download the latest available firmware. Select next once complete.
  2. Place your phone close to or on top of your Acaia product and connect.
  3. Your app will let you know your current firmware and prompt you to press next.
  4. Once next is selected, your app will begin the firmware transfer and your product will enter update mode. (Don’t turn it off!)
  5. Once your firmware update is complete, your screen will display a done button. Now you're all set to get back to brewing!

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