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What is the difference between Competition and Standard?

This article provides some insight into the differences between IMS' competition and standard ranges of products to assure you always purchase the right product.

The Competition line of baskets and shower screens is IMS' top quality line, and it's designed to give a real improvement to brewing espresso on your machine.
All the filter baskets are electropolished, a particular treatment that makes the surface brighter and smoother so it prevents dirt from adhering to it and facilitates better cleaning.
A filter without coffee residue extracts only freshly ground coffee, rendering this phase of the process faster and safer, always guaranteeing an optimal result.
Moreover, the holes are drilled using a specific process using precise technology, patented by IMS that leaves the end product with no corners or burrs (which are rough edges or ridges that form during the shaping process).

While the Standard line, it’s mostly sold to espresso machine producers and you can already find the Standard filter baskets on the majority of the espresso machines on the market. These standard line products are also not electropolished.

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