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What to do if your Atmos is no longer holding it's vacuum

This issue is typically caused by dust getting in the valve that helps remove the air to create a vacuum within your Atmos. This dust may have gotten in there during manufacturing and can also be collected from the beans being stored in your Atmos. Regardless of how it got dusty in there, we have an easy way to fix this for you! Please follow these steps:

1. Remove the gasket that surrounds the lid

2. Remove the metal and paper filter

3. Locate the slit for the pressure valve

4. Blow really hard to clear any dust stored in there, if you have pressurized air, even better!

5. Replace the filters (paper first, then metal)

6. Replace gasket

7. Re-seal your Atmos

Once you've followed these steps, please let me know if your Atmos behaves as it should; it's designed for constant usage and should hold a seal between 3 and 4 days. Please remember that Atmos is designed to hold whole beans and not ground coffee.

You can repeat this process as you see necessary to maintain your Atmos.

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