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What BWT Filter does what?

Shared below is a basic guide to the differences and different usages for each of the main brand BWT water filtration cartridges, each of the below cartridges has its own set of guidelines for capacity, usage and bypass settings.


The BWT Bestmax is the heart of the BWT range it is optimised for the specific requirements of the HORECA catering industry and provides a universal filter system that fulfils this task simply and efficiently. With 5 lays of filtration making water is food-safe as well as removing hardness-forming calcium ions, coarse particles such as sand and rust, organic substances, chlorine, foreign odour and taste aswell as fine particles.

Bestmax Premium

The BWT Bestmax premium is the step up from the aforementioned Bestmax cartridge, it holds the same purpose of refining raw water into gourmet-grade water that is outstandingly suited for making hot beverages such as coffee, espresso and tea. The patented BWT Magnesium technology while filtering the water remineralised the filtrate with magnesium ions.


The BWT Bestmin cartridge is designed for remineralising water that is low in minerals that are essential for sensorily perfect coffee. The multistage filter removes undesirable, odour-causing particles while the mineralisation level refines low-mineral raw water into gourmet-grade water which in addition to calcium contains valuable magnesium as a flavour carrier.


The BWT Bestprotect cartridge is designed for usage in areas of hard water, the filter balances mineralisation and provides a consistently high PH value in the filtrate. Hardness-forming calcium ions aswell are removed entirely aswell and limescale deposits and gypsum are prevented. These are key factors to minimise the risk of corrosion.


The BWT Besttaste filter cartridge is designed for usage in areas of low-level calcium or minerals. Unlike other cartridges, the besttaste does not remove carbonates from the water with an ion exchange resin but calibrates the water by removing solids in the water aswell as extraneous odours and tastes.


The BWT Bestclear is a filter cartridge designed for processing raw water into suitable water for rinsing in the high-performance hotel, restaurant and catering sector. The cartridge line many others has 2 layers of particle filtration to remove fine and coarse particles. This filter is designed for dishwasher for gastronomy aswell as partial desalination.

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