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How do I install a new clump crusher to my Mythos One?

A how-to guide for replacing your clump crusher on your Mythos One espresso grinder.

Before starting:

Please note, it is crucial that before starting any work on your Mythos One that you turn it off from the grinders power switch and unplug it from the power socket to assure the unit is free from live power.

Tools needed:

Before attempting to change your clump crusher for the first time we recommend you watch the below video in full.

 A Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Assure the grinder is turned off and unplugged from the source of power.
  2. Start by closing the hopper gate and removing the hopper and unplugging the heating element from the grinder.
  3. Next using a PH2 Screwdriver remove the front chamber screws, make sure to angle the screw drive to the exact angle at which the screws are sunk into the grinder. While doing this we recommend holding the back of the grinder to support it and allowing good pressure to be applied to the screw.
  4. While the burrs are exposed it is good practice to clean any excess grounds from the burrs and chamber without taking anything else apart. The burrs can be cleaned with a hoover, compressed air or a brush.
  5. Now to remove the front clip a PH1 Screwdriver, applied at the correct angle to the screws need to be used. The 2 screws holding the plate are made from a soft metal so need to be handled carefully, this soft metal assures that screws do not cause damage to the Mythos head.
  6. The middle screw holding the clump crusher and spout has a small channel visible after removing the front clip, this is to allow the correct angle to be obtained when undoing the screw. Before undoing the screw use the pick tool to remove any excess coffee in the head to allow the screwdriver to lock in place
  7. The spout and clump crusher can now be removed from the grinder and a new clump crusher can be placed onto the spout, it's very important you do not try to fold any parts of the clump crusher it should be placed over the spout as it comes.
  8. Before replacing the spout it's good practice to clean out the corners of the chamber the spout fits into allowing it to slide back in freely. When placing the spout back in start from the back of putting it in place then slide in the front section.
  9. When screwing the holding screw back into the spout you should notice the teeth begin to move from facing up to being flat to the spout.
  10. Now the new clump crusher is installed the same steps should be followed to reassemble the grinder starting with the clip plate. As mentioned previously the screws for the clip plate and spout are made from a soft metal so need to be treated carefully, if they should need to be replaced using the correct screws is important. Any hard metals being used could cause damage to the Mythos head which is an expensive and difficult part to replace.
  11. Place the front chamber back in place, carefully putting the heating element cable back into the top section of the grinder. Replace and tighten the 4 screws holding the front chamber in place.
  12. From here the element can be plugged back in, the hopper can be put back in place and the new clump crusher can be tested.

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