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Kinetic cleaning your Mythos One

This is a support article covering what Kinetic cleaning is and why VA recommend doing it daily to maintain and clean your Mythos One espresso grinder.

Kinetic cleaning is a process to clear out excess coffee from your grinder without having to completely de-assemble the burr chamber to clean manually, it is much simpler to do than regular deep cleaning. It is important to note that Kinetic cleaning must be done every day without fail to continue to work effectively.

Kinetic cleaning does not require any parts of the grinder to be taken apart or any cleaning chemicals to be used, it will only require the beans remaining in your hopper.

  1. After your grinder is no longer in use at your establishment and you are ready to begin Kinetic cleaning you must move the grind settings wheel, behind the main adjustment knob, to 0. Please assure you do not adjust the grind settings here.
  2. Now close the hopper shutter to stop any fresh beans from entering the grinding chamber, leaving the remaining beans in the grinding chamber.
  3. The next step will be to grind the beans that remain in the chamber so please assure you have something under the chamber to catch the grounds, either a tub or a suitable portafilter.
  4. Begin grinding, the beans inside the chamber should give you enough time to spin the grind adjustment wheel, to adjust the burrs. Starting from 0 completing 4 full rotations towards coarse, then going back 4 full rotations back to the starting position.
  5. The coarse beans moving through the grinder will work almost like sandpaper, cleaning the burrs, champer, clump crusher and spout. Rotating the burrs will allow the grounds behind the rotary burr to be freed up and broken loose, this helps avoid build-up which can cause issues if left.

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