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Why buy FOOD FRIENDLY® Burrs?

The FOOD FRIENDLY® burrs are a high-performance grind, thanks to the technology employed to manufacture them. The blades in this range are an innovative product, compared with standard burrs, they perform with increased precision and uniformity, for the same amount of ground coffee.

Here's a few examples of the improvements made to the FOOD FRIENDLY® burr range:

Reliability: They do not suffer deformations thanks to the particular heat treatment they have been subjected; moreover, they tend to settle after one grind, (so you don’t need to grind a lot of coffee during the first setup!)

Lifespan: These burrs are manufactured with a special steel, undergoing particular processes and heat treatments which ensure a longer service life of 70%, See below for comparison of standard burrs produced in steel 18NiCrMo5, hardened and tempered in atmosphere.



Less Contamination: They have been expressly created, and also certified, so that the ground coffee has only a minimal contamination coming from the detachment of surface residuals of metal parts.


In traditional machines, it often occurs an unexpected oxidation strip, that can easily detach causing unavoidable contamination of ground coffee.


In the first image (Picture 1) we can see the martensite microstructure of the FOOD FRIENDLY® grinding blades, which is free from layers with abnormal oxidization, and less subjected to wear and tear and contamination.

In the second one (Picture 2) we can see the microstructure of the standard grinding burrs that indicates the presence of a surface layer with abnormal oxidization.

The presence of surface layers with a lower level of hardness than the underlying material causes lower resistance to repeated stress than the resistance achieved during the manufacturing and treatment processes for FOOD FRIENDLY® grinding blades.  So, considering same loads, traditional burrs have lower performance than FOOD FRIENDLY® ones.

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