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Why do I need a Pitcher Rinser?

A pitcher rinser is a useful piece of kit for a new cafe, it's designed to help baristas to keep their workspace clean by quickly washing milk jugs and glasses. The tray has a built-in mechanism that is designed to hold water pressure until an object is placed onto the rinser ring, pressing down on the ring will release the water pressure which rinses and cools the jug or glass.

These pitcher rinsers require a water supply system and wastewater outlet but do not require an electrical connection. The rinser shown above is a Celli Pitcher rinser which can be found in 30cm, 40cm, 50cm & 80cm variations by clicking on each.

Each of these products is supplied with 2 Metres of DM Fit 3/8 LDPE tubing, 2 Metres of Hose Elispir 14 x 20mm, 1 Hose grip and of course the Pitcher rinser with the mechanism. These are all suppliers to allow you to effectively connect the rinser to the appropriate water and waste lines in your site.

The specific pitcher shown above is a recessed rinser which means it can be put flush with your countertop by cutting an appropriate size hole. The dimensions for each product are shown on the page, but it is recommended to avoid cutting a hole until the product has arrived for the best reference.

Pitcher rinsers can come in both counter-top or built-in assemblies both products will function essentially the same but more options allow for greater freedom when it comes to setting up your countertop.

If you have any other questions about pitcher rinsers please reach out to our team at

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