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How do I update my Original Pearl?

This is a support article covering the steps of how to update the firmware of an original model Acaia Pearl.

To begin please assure your Acaia Pearl is charged and you will also need to install the "Pearl Updater" app from either the Apple or Google app stores.

A Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. First, start by turning on your Pearl Scale and allowing it to find 0 as if you were about to use it.
  2. Put your scale into weighing mode, this is the mode where it will only show the weight 0.0, to do this press and hold the power button to switch modes.
  3. Launch the Pearl Updater app and press start.
  4. The app will run you through a few screens of information, read each page and press next to continue.
  5. Once you arrive on the "Firmware update" page, press select scale and put your smartphone on top of the Pearl.
  6. This should allow the phone to detect the scale and show it as an option in the list, most commonly named "acaia scale". (If your scale does not detect after a few tries it may have a Bluetooth connectivity issue)
  7. Once the scale is selected it shows the weight on both the scale screen and on the app, if both match press the update button which will send a prompt to the scale.
  8. You will be requested to press T for 0.5 seconds on the scale to enter into update mode, from here return to the "Firmware update" page and press "Start Firmware Update" this will begin installing the new firmware.
  9. Once the app says complete you are good to go!

If you are unable to update your scale when it is turned on, your scale's connection may be faulty or turned off. Please try following the steps in this guide.

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